Why Your Rural Business Should Offer Free WiFi


Your rural business likely has much it offers local clientele. However it can always offer more. In fact, one freebie that you can offer locals is WiFi. Today it is one of the biggest factors that make the difference in where people choose to spend their money. WiFi actually counts as an advantage to your potential customers, something that gives you an edge over your competitors, sometimes even as much as quality, selection or service.

Free WiFi Advantages

When you offer free WiFi, there are distinct advantages for your rural business:

–        Customers will choose your establishment over others without WiFi.

–        Customers will stay longer at your establishment and purchase more.

–        Customers will recommend your business more readily.

–        Your business becomes a gathering place that welcomes the community, not just another business.

Businesses That Must Offer Free WiFi

If you are in one of these businesses, you should definitely offer free WiFi:

–        Hotels, motels, inns and bed & breakfasts

–        Campgrounds and vacation rentals

–        Coffee shops and bakeries

–        Restaurants

–        Bars, breweries and wineries

–        Churches, synagogues and mosques

–        Reception halls and expo centers

–        Sporting facilities

–        Apartment buildings and condo associations

–        Flea markets

–        Clinics, spas and other locations where waiting is the norm

Those looking for places for group meetings, get-togethers or a place to work flock to establishments that have WiFi. Travelers choose locations with WiFi over those without it regularly. Today consumers want and expect WiFi when they have to spend any amount of time in a commercial establishment. Multi-tasking is common and people want to be able to check on work while out of the office, or help children with homework while another child is practicing a sport. In many rural areas, there are still so many people without high speed Internet that establishments with WiFi are a magnet.

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