Top 3 Features CenturyLink Users Love

CenturyLink is a one-stop home service provider that users are falling in love with. While many companies offer bundling, CenturyLink specializes in it, offering customers more deals than many other providers in their area. These are 3 top features that CenturyLink users are thrilled with.

It Offers Unbeatable Internet Service

CenturyLink Internet offers you some of the best Internet speeds and rates in your area. Its best prices are always available when bundled with home phone service – you can get high speed Internet for as little as $19.95 per month. Even without home phone service, a mere $39.95 to start is a great deal on high speed Internet that is always connected. Upgrades on service are always available so you can customize your plan to meet your needs and the 30 day satisfaction guarantee ensures you are happy with your service.

It Gives Impressive Home Phone Service

The CenturyLink home phone service comes in three different plans, so you can have a reliable home phone service with as many or as few extras as you want. Not everyone wants to give up their home phone line. CenturyLink makes it affordable to keep yours in case of emergencies and for the convenience of a clear static-free connection.

An International Calling Plan Helps You Stay Connected

The International calling plan that CenturyLink offers is very generous, ensuring that wherever you want to call, you get the best price possible. While unlimited long distance within the U.S. is available through the unlimited home phone plan, the international plan makes phone calls outside the country affordable. There are even special rates to countries called most like Canada, Mexico and parts of Latin America.

Check out CenturyLink today at and see the difference quality Internet and home phone service makes to you.