Why Cable Internet is Better Than DSL Service

Surprisingly many people don’t know what the difference between cable internet and DSL services and just assume both are considered high speed internet. While I guess that’s technically true, DSL isn’t nearly as comparable to cable internet in regards to things like speed and bandwidth.

Both are faster than dial-up internet, which generally is now only used in areas where DSL and cable can’t yet reach, such as very rural residents outside of very rural towns. Most people in cities now have one or the other, but there are a few reasons why cable trumps DSL in almost every category.

First of all, the speed with cable just cannot be matched by DSL. It’s not possible. DSL is a limited service where as cable high speed internet continues to grow. Cable has consistently evolved to be faster as the years go by and come companies are now offering well over 100Mbps download speeds, which is over 20x faster than most standard DSL services.

This means that everything you can do on DSL, you can do faster and better on cable internet service. Plus, cable doesn’t require you to be closer to your provider to get faster speeds. With DSL if you’re on the outskirts away from your provider, it can lower your speed.

Not only do you not have to worry about the other factors that can limit your speed, but you also don’t need a phone line for cable internet. While initially cable might cost you more on a monthly basis compared to just DSL service, you also have to factor in that on top of DSL service you also need to pay for a phone line for the DSL to run off of.

If you are looking to get cable internet, check out Time Warner cable internet  and the offers they can provide.

GoDaddy Renewal Coupons: Savings That Keep Going and Going

Too often, companies offer fantastic deals in order to gain new customers but once you’ve been with them for a while, the price goes up and you never get a pricecoupons-scissors break again. Then along comes a company that does things out of the box, a company like GoDaddy. Since its beginning, GoDaddy has been doing things differently, offering amazing deals and simplifying webhosting and the many other services it offers. Now, there are renewal coupons available – a rarity in any industry – so existing customers get to enjoy the savings even longer.

Renewal Time is Looming

When renewal time comes, we inevitably do one of two things:

–        complain about the cost and renew anyway because we simply don’t have time to shop around and switch to a new hosting service whose service is unknown; or

–        spend too much time shopping around for a new hosting service each year, switching in order to save money and then have to spend even more time familiarizing ourselves with a new provider.

Stop Wasting Time and Save Money

Customize Google has the solution GoDaddy users want. Very few website users have the time and interest in constantly changing providers. Customize Google has exclusive GoDaddy Renewal coupons that are being offered right now for savings on .com, .net and .org renewals. In fact, you can even save as much as 15% on your renewals and other products that GoDaddy offers.

–        You know GoDaddy can handle your needs.

–        You love that GoDaddy has a variety of products to help your business.

–        You are impressed with GoDaddy prices for getting started, and now it’s even better with renewal coupons.

–        You are thrilled with GoDaddy customer service because they take care of their customers the way all companies should.

Don’t give up all the good from your favorite provider. Take advantage of serious money savings and time savings when renewal time arrives with GoDaddy renewal coupons which you can find HERE.