Are HughesNet Gen4 Prices The Best?

huhgesnet-gen 4

When looking for satellite Internet, you have two big companies to pick from, HughesNet and Exede. Both have their own set of perks, like HughesNet Gen4 has high monthly allowances when Exede has an unlimited surfing plan! But at the end of day, which on is best bang for your buck!

WINNER! HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet Gen 4 prices from SkyRange are great for the amount of speed and data allowance you get each month. They also have a plan for anyone, both the heavy user and the light user that just needs to check their email a few times a week. Their speeds are also faster than Exede, with a top download speed of 15 mbps! You could download a 700mb file in under a minute! That is a great for people in rural internet that do not have the options for high speed internet!

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